Supporting Community Behaviors in The Field of Water and Sanitation

Supporting Community Behaviors in The Field of Water and Sanitation

As part of the POINT organization activities in Iraq, our teams are working to implement the program related to “supporting community behaviors in the field of water and sanitation”

Currently, a number of water and sanitation workshops and associated administrative areas are being implemented.

So far, Pointe has carried out two workshops in:

  • Management of meetings and administrative skills.
  • Automatic Valves
  • Water filter tests (oils and greases)
  • GIS
  • Stores Management (Barcode)
  • Accounts Audit
  • Secure Sations
  • Government media
  • Accounting

And that is within our halls in the city of “Mosul”.
The project works to establish community-based field assessments for water and sanitation, special training for government institutions, and the establishment of community committees specialized in the water field … In addition to supporting government institutions in the region with life skills training.

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