About us

POINT was established as NGO by a group of Diaspora humanitarian experts. As an NGO, the co-founders of POINT realized the crucial gaps between providing aids and the need for building the resilience of communities. We believe at POINT that the best solutions to support the people in crisis should be by a quick transformation from rapid response to resilience method, as this approach within humanitarian operations is crucial to the first efforts of a community to recover, rise again, and start to use their capacity, starting from education and livelihood at the first stages, ending by early recovery and rehabilitation at later stages.

POINT has figured out the gaps that prevent the civil societies to play a greater role in improving the response to the crises by building their capacity internally using the available resources in the affected communities. For that, POINT works in two wide domains in parallel, the first one is providing empowerment support to the affected communities from the crisis, and the second one is developing the capacity of Local actors. This is to strengthen their qualifications, voices, increase their impact and bring about the development of a diverse, inclusive and independent civil society.

POINT works in many countries closely with civilians like IDPs, Refugees, Returnees, and host communities, In addition to the local initiatives, local NGOs, and INGOs. For that, POINT has organized to hire all needed experts, skills, and tools that are necessary for POINT mandate in resilience and organization development. POINT always seeks to increase its geographical coverage areas in the world to reach the most vulnerable civilian groups and work with them hand in hand for a better sustainable life

POINT is registered in Turkey, Iraq, and Syria as non-profit organization.


Stabilized Civil Communities Socially and Economically


To enhance knowledge, abilities, and skills, of affected civilians and local actors by providing them with fundamental means and creating opportunities for a greater role in community stabilization.



POINT members have wide background and experience in Relief interventions, disaster management, early recovery, livelihood, and capacity building which came from working in international NGOs and specialist institutes such as: Red Cross and Red Crescent movement and UN agencies. In addition to a far knowledge and analysis of the contexts of many areas like partners, challenges, needs, Moreover, the ability to communicate with local potential partner to implement multitype projects.


POINT’s team includes several commit experts, consultants, and trainers who certified from different organizations such as ICRC, IFRC, Sphere and UN agencies.


The vision and mission of POINT support the deserving beneficiaries by programs designed with high contributions of the civil local community.


POINT Principles comply with International Humanitarian principles such as Neutrality and Impartiality to serve all the people.


POINT has strong and transparence objectives, Structure, Profile, strategy, policies, and procedures.

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Our Principles

  1. Humanity:
    We believe in respecting human lives, dignity, and freedom.
  2. Impartiality:
    we believe that there are no differences between people because of their
    nationality, race, religion, caste, or political affiliation.
  3. Neutrality:
    We maintain credibility by not taking a position for or against any party.
  4. Commitment:
    We devote all the capabilities, resources, and tools to provide the best performance and optimal services to all participating parties.
  5. Inclusive:
    We believe that partnerships with individuals, other organizations and communities promote creative and fruitful initiatives.
  6. Respect:
    We believe people affected by disasters can and should be empowered to
    contribute to relief, rehabilitation and development efforts.
  7. Accountability:
    we comply with all international humanitarian and professional standards with all parties according to Core Humanitarian Standards CHS, the international standards for quality and accountability
    for humanitarian work.

our Objectives

To reduce the suffering of the people affected by disasters through knowledge and protection interventions.

To Support the soc-economic recovery initiatives to develop communities’ market capacity and entrepreneurs to find livelihood opportunities.

To provide civil society organizations and individuals with technical consultations and tools within the field of disaster management preparedness pre, during, and post-recovery phase.

To enhance the positive community participation in the targeted areas for better response and management

our strategy

The Trustees of POINT with support of POINT’s staff and volunteers who are based in different fields of operations have prepared a strategy covering the period 2020 – 2023. This strategy will guide our work to be harmonized with the previous strategy of years 2015 -2020 to ensure we have the maximum positive impact possible on the lives of those devastated by a natural disaster, conflict, and poverty. in our current strategy, the strategic directions will be:

POINT is evolving to become more innovative and efficient and to respond effectively to the new and emerging needs of the affected civilians.

we enhance the partnerships as complex vehicles for delivering practical solutions. POINT committed to working closely with partners; adding value to the work of the NGOs working with the civilians through working toward shared goals through a division of labor that all stakeholders agree on.

With the support of our qualified team and staff and experts, we always seek to be more effective, transparent and accountable, we deliver stronger results for those we serve.