2021-08-15 Community Mobilizer _ Iraq

Community Mobilizer

About POINT Iraq

POINT Iraq was registered in 2017 to share its expertise with Iraqi communities and civil

society actors in humanitarian crises and development. We developed our strategy for Iraq

response that matching the context needs, we customized our projects for the targeted

beneficiaries which are the organizations, Refugees, IDPs, host communities and Returnees

under our programs for Iraq:

  • Protection and Cash
  • Camp management support
  • Capacity development
  • Social cohesion and livelihoods

Therefor we coordinate our programs through UN-OCHA and NCCI platforms, POINT


  • Member in Iraq Education Cluster
  • Member in Iraq Emergency livelihood Cluster
  • Member in Iraq FSL Cluster
  • Member in NCCI
  • Member in Iraq Cash working group

POINT is conducting projects to support Iraqis and NGOs working in Iraq in Mousel, Dahouk,

Erbil, Kirkuk, Salah Aldin, Diala and Basra. And our staff is local speaking Kurdish, Arabic and

English with direct support and supervision from POINT HQ.

Our Partners in Iraq UN agencies such as UNDP, IOM and OCHA- IHF and INGOs such as NRC,

GOAL, ACTED, OXFAM, World Vision and SCI.

Number of Employees


Deadline For Submission

18 August 2021

Department: Social Cohision & Livelihood
Project Location(s): Iraq
Education: Bachelor’s degree in related fields

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • S/he will be responsible for implementing work plan for conducting Youth activities
  • S/he will be responsible for coordinating with the respected trainers and plan for training’s, preparing print the training material, attendance sheet, agenda and follow up with the CR to attend the training…etc
  • Writing the training report
  • Establish and engage the youth committees and centre inside the area
  • Motivate the youth to be actively engaging the area activities
  • Encourage Youth to attend the events. collection data with team in area
  • Introduce youth women inside the area on project goals
  • ensuring the venues and material of trainings are arranged before training start
  • Respond and adjust to a flexible activity scheduling, logistical constraints related to public space management, or social dynamics involving the community and its expectations
  • Any other duties required by his/her supervisor

Qualifications & Skills

  • A Bachelor’s degree in fields related to economics, public policy, international relations, or another related field
  • Experience in community mobilizer
  • High interpersonal skills with a strong analytical approach in problem solving and management
  • Excellent knowledge of written and spoken Arabic and Basic knowledge of English will be an asset
  • Good knowledge of MS office programs and KOBO

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