2021-09-19 Admin Logistic Officer _ Turkey

Admin Logistic Officer


POINT was established by a group of humanitarian workers. Its headquarters is in Gaziantep, Turkey.

As an organic nongovernmental organization, the co-founders of PONT realized the crucial capacity gaps and needs for the civil society and communities to play a greater role in improving the response to the humanitarian crisis and better contribute to the stabilization of their conflict-affected country. POINT provides capacity development to the local civil society and communities actors as well as local staff in INGOs. This is in order to strengthen their voice, increase their impact and bring about the development of diverse, inclusive, and independent civil society and communities.

Number of Employees


Deadline For Submission

23 September 2021

Department: Admin
Project Location(s): Gaziantep - Turkey
Education: Bachelor’s degree in related fields

General Responsibilities

  • Ensure that logistics procedures are always enforced and carried out on time based on the POINT policy. Ensure that training logistics (hotel’s book, lunches, training materials .. ) are carried out on time.
  • Coordinate with all Point departments to ensure that all the projects logistics are carried out on time.
  • preparing the procurement cycles based on POINT policy.
  • Developing the RFQs and ToRs for new procurement.
  • Developing the KPIs of tender and manage the tender process.
  • Support the finance department in preparing the financial supporting documents that match the donors and country laws.
  • Responsible for purchasing all office supplies.
  • Responsible for paying employees’ taxes and follow up with a charted accountant.
  • Coordinating with field staff in Syria and Iraq to ensure they are working according to logistics and procurement policy.
  • Follow up and tracking the purchase requests.
  • Maintaining admin tasks assigned by the line manager.
  • Working on new Turkish laws for the procurement and dealing with country suppliers.


  • Advanced level in procurement cycle management.
  • Basic level in warehouse management.
  • Basic level in fleet management.
  • Basic level in assets management.
  • Basic level in negotiation.
  • Advanced level in critical thinking.
  • Advanced level in Excel, Outlook, Word.
  • Basic knowledge in project management development.

Skills & Experience:

  • Turkish nationality is a requirement for this position.
  • At least 1 year of relevant work experience in areas such as procurement, logistics, office/business administration in private or government sectors.
  • Flexible and able to work well under pressure.
  • Capable of working collaboratively with team members to achieve objectives.


  • Fluent in Arabic and Turkish.
  • Good English skills.

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