Marifa Entrepreneurship Center

Maarifa Center is one of the pioneering income-generating projects that work in partnership with the POINT organization. Maarifa works to run special programs to support the youth group (vocational trainings, community initiatives ……. etc.) in the city of Idlib. This is done through groups of activities that are financially supported in part by the POINT organization, to allow the largest possible segment of society to obtain benefit and knowledge at reduced costs.

The Maarifa Center was established as a training and innovation center by a group of trainers and experts in humanitarian work. The aim of the participants in establishing the Maarifa Center is to fill the perceived gaps in society in terms of unemployment and the market need for new professions and experienced professionals, by providing professional, academic and professional training with Practical application through creative methods.

We at Maarifa Center believe that the best solution to support the community and people is through moving from an emergency response to an approach to strengthening the capacities of the local community for resilience and stability. This methodology in the humanitarian response helps in recovery and advancement through the use of the community for its own capabilities, and this is done through education, developing work skills and raising the capabilities of the local community.


A socially and economically stable urban youth


Enhancing the knowledge, capabilities and skills of youth by providing them with basic training and creating opportunities to play a greater role in the stability of society

Why Marifa


Members of the Maarifa Center have a broad professional background and experience in training and development in addition to knowledge of relief and disaster management interventions, early recovery and livelihoods that came from working in NGOs and specialized institutes, in addition to the ability to communicate with local actors to develop work, in addition to Long experience in the field of professional and cognitive training through implementing many projects in various regions of northern Syria


The vision and mission of supporting the knowledge of eligible beneficiaries through programs designed with high contributions from civil society.


Maarifa Center includes many experts, consultants and trainers accredited from different organizations who have a broad background and long experience in the field of training, development and humanitarian work.


The principles of Maarifa Center are consistent with international humanitarian principles such as neutrality and integrity to serve people.

Our Principles

  1. Inclusive:
    We believe that partnering with other individuals, organizations and communities fosters creative and artistic initiatives.
  2. Respect:
    We believe that it is possible and should enable people affected by disasters to contribute to rehabilitation, resettlement and development efforts.
  3. Responsibility:
    We adhere to all international humanitarian and professional standards with all parties according to (CHS) basic humanitarian standards, international standards for quality and accountability within the sectors of humanitarian work
  4. Humanity:
    We believe in respect for human life, dignity and freedom.
  5. integrity:
    We believe that there are no differences between people because of nationality, race, religion, class, or political affiliation.
  6. Neutrality:
    We maintain credibility by not taking a position for or against any party.
  7. Commitment:
    We dedicate all capabilities, resources and tools to provide the best performance and best services to all participating parties.

Our Objectives

  • Helping university students and academics to excel in knowledge through specialized academic training.
  • Support societal economic recovery initiatives to develop market capacity in local communities and support entrepreneurs to create livelihood opportunities.
  • Providing and developing professional and cognitive training for young people that contribute to the recovery of society and its exit from the stage of emergency response and support to reach the stage of recovery and recovery.
  • Reducing the suffering of those affected by disasters through knowledge and education interventions.
  • Promote positive community participation in the targeted areas to improve response and management.
  • Providing civil society organizations and individuals with technical advice and tools in the field of disaster management preparedness before, during and after recovery.

our Work Domains

Supporting entrepreneurship and the labor market

There is a strong trend from Maarifa Center to develop the capabilities of youth through various professional and cognitive training that meets the needs of the local community according to the context, by following the best training and practical methods.

We also seek to strengthen the community’s capabilities by relying on itself and supplementing its capabilities on its own.

We work closely with young people using a “community based” approach to support their resources and provide them with new resources to alleviate poverty, maintain local market cohesion, and focus on solution innovation and entrepreneurship.

This area includes:

  • Supporting entrepreneurship.
  • Initiatives to support a community-based social economy.
  • Career guidance.
  • Cognitive training
  • Specialized training to enter the organizational labor market
  • Skills training
  • Vocational training.
  • Vocational follow-up
  • Consulting
  • Nurturing creative ideas
  • Linking the beneficiaries to the labor market

Capacity development of local actors

Maarifa Center is one of the leading centers in capacity development in the region, which aims to empower and strengthen organizations and humanitarian workers in order to better respond to crises, more cost-effective, and have better quality in project implementation.

We always strive to develop our experience and our skills.

The program contributes to developing the capabilities of organizations by conducting the following interventions:

  • Due diligence and assessment of organizational capabilities
  • Training on international humanitarian standards
  • Mainstreaming humanitarian access and negotiation skills within conflict
  • Developing customized humanitarian sector capacities
  • Consulting and training for the operations departments of the organization
  • Local empowerment and partnership support
  • Consulting and training on monitoring, evaluation and data management in organizations

University students support

The founders of Maarifa Center believe that (university students) is an essential and important element in the revival of society, and based on that, the Maarifa Center took upon itself to help university students to develop knowledge and academic and support them by all possible means.

and that is through:

  • Academic trainings
  • Cognitive trainings
  • Seminars
  • Development and research
  • Consulting

Supporting volunteering and community leadership

Volunteering and community leadership is one of the criteria that express the advancement and advancement of peoples, and through its support, Maarifa Center seeks to develop society and strengthen its links, as it provides an opportunity for young people to apply and refine their skills, in addition to gaining more experiences and skills.

and that is through:

  • Spreading the culture of volunteering
  • Supporting and sponsoring voluntary and entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Organizing volunteer and entrepreneurial events
  • Receiving and guiding volunteers

our strategy

POINT is evolving to become more innovative and efficient and to respond effectively to the new and emerging needs of the affected civilians.

With the support of our qualified team and staff and experts, we always seek to be more effective, transparent and accountable, we deliver stronger results for those we serve.