Civilians Education And Protection


about this domain work

The programs of this domain aim to strengthen the communities in education, knowledge, and protection. our targets are to mainstream the Humanitarian protection & education standards. wherefore, We focus on increasing the quality and access to education for children. Also to enhance the youth to higher education to support them in the coping strategy.

Furthermore, it increases the capacity of communities and organizations related to protection standards. The main approach of these programs is community-based mainstreaming and capacity development. All activities pursue to ensuring full respect for the rights of the individual in accordance with the letter and spirit of the relevant bodies of law (i.e. human rights law, international humanitarian law, and refugee laws.

work domain interventions

  • Higher education for youth
  • Non-formal education for children
  • Quality and capacity development for schools and education staff
  • General protection and protection monitoring
  • GBV and women empowerment
  • Referral pathway and child capacity development
  • INEE promoting in camps and urban
  • Community based school risk reduction
  • Community engagement in Schools management
  • Teachers and parenting skills development & allowances
  • Improving accountability mechanism for schools (PTAs)
  • Capacity building for Child protection
  • PFA and PSS training
  • Referral pathway capacity development and mainstreaming
  • Protection mainstreaming capacity development
  • Youth and Women empowerment
  • Core humanitarian and Sphere Protection standards mainstreaming
  • Community mobilization & accountability centers
  • Awareness-raising on international protection humanitarian and human rights law and humanitarian and protection principles
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